Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Highsec mercs don't like me. At first Marmite leader Tora Bushido got mad that I wasn't satisfied with their "service" and hired Deadly Fingertips. However he would let this "offense" slip away if I'd pay him more than just wardec costs. Then Forsaken Asylum member Seraph IX Basarab tried to bully me into paying for their "service" and got mad when I published his wonderful activity.

They both believe that as they are mercenaries doing me a service, they should be properly paid, not just for the wardecs. Sounds logical, right? Well, then explain these: 7122M, 590M, 773M, 1061M, 1315M, 1061M, 1316M, 635M, 678M, 735M, 511M, 745M, 670M, 7163M, 6869M, 529M!

These are just the 500M+ kills, they caught crap too, 17B CFC was killed by The Marmite Collective in February when I didn't pay them and 28B by Forsaken Asylum. I wonder who paid for these? It's easy to tell from the variety of targets: nobody! While it's possible that someone is mad at Goons, but who else than me would pay you to attack The Initiative, TNT, SMA, PBLRD for 1-2 weeks?! The mercenaries themselves coughed up the wardec costs. Of course not for all CFC members and permanently, they can't afford that. But if they saw an SMA freighter, they quickly decced SMA for a week.

It seems the truth is not "you must pay wardec + salary for us to attack CFC" what they tried to sell me. It's "we are deccing them from our own pocket when it's not empty and work for free!" Of course I'm not surprised. Remember that I analyzed Marmite vs CFC in 2013 before I hired them for permawars and found that their wars are up and down. However you don't need any analysis to understand what's going on, just have to answer one question: If freighter piloted by a total stranger goes suspect in a "highsec mercenary" gatecamp, will they shoot it or let it pass?

The answer is obvious, but important. By answering "shoot it", we established that highsec mercenaries gladly shoot anybody. Real mercenaries would only shoot people they are paid to shoot. For them it's a moneymaking activity: if the red cross pays no bounty, the ratter won't bother. But they aren't mercenaries are they? They are PvP-ers who roleplay mercenaries, because it sounds cool and because this way they can make some ISK on the side. But the main reason of their existence is that they want to kill ships and the ISK is just icing on the cake.

Now if they were honest about themselves, they'd be happy for a free wardec which is essentially making all the freighters belonging to the targets suspect. But they used that "we are mercenaries" line too long and believed it. Or they thought they could get some extra money from me. Anyway, the very opposite happened: CFC died (not much, but still) and I paid nothing.

I keep supporting Mordus Angels and Sorry we're in your space EH. One could tell that they would be fighting without support and it's true. However they couldn't pay for so much losses and would have to cut back on their operations, just like the "mercenaries" couldn't afford the wardecs. In highsec you have dec costs, in nullsec you have ship losses.

I don't make them fight CFC, I just enable them to do what they want but couldn't afford. So I did with Marmite until they got buttmad. Maybe "working" for negative wage (deccing from their own pocket) makes them think again.

PS: if stupidity would kill... oh wait, in EVE it can! DaveFoz lost a JF to Mordus, but didn't get any smarter. He choose to rat it back in a rat-resist carrier and lost it to interceptors. And his idiocy is contagious.

PS2: The dev blog about the new Sov system is up. Actually, it's pretty good, except one element: the price of the Entosis Link module is low enough to allow "Entosis trolling". This is sending out lone, unsupported, throwaway ships to reinforce Sov structures or command nodes. If the defenders fail to respond, they lose the round. If the defenders respond, they get a kill report of a worthless ship. Because of it, individual defender pilots won't respond unless a director is yelling at them. The point is the extreme inequality of the two sides: the defenders risk their home, the attacker risks a throwaway ship. This can be fixed by increasing the price of the module to 2-500M, so the defenders have at least a shiny kill to bring home.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

CFC losses in February

Like in January, I received the killboard loss data for all CFC and the New Year wasn't kind to those who serve the Evil One. As always, the kills are de-whored, so if you did 1% damage of a 100B titan, you get 1B kills and not 100B. 49453 API verified kills were processed, distributed among the alliances:

266 - Circle-Of-Two
31 - Executive Outcomes
183 - Fatal Ascension
231 - Fidelas Constans
56 - Forged of Fire
85 - Get Off My Lawn
771 - Goonswarm Federation
275 - Greater Western Co-Prosperity Sphere
42 - I Whip My Slaves Back and Forth
107 - RAZOR Alliance
114 - RvB - BLUE Republic
152 - RvB - RED Federation
228 - SpaceMonkey's Alliance
112 - Tactical Narcotics Team
113 - The Initiative.
193 - The Bastion
The minions of Evil didn't want that 2958B anyway. Let's see who killed them:
The Pirates are back in #1, Mordus Angels (155B), Black Legion. (165B), Triumvirate. (12B) and Sorry We're In Your Space Eh (59B) are killing CFC at large again. Look at their 500M+ contribution kills: 1361M, 1031M, 577M, 834M, 2927M, 969M, 1750M, 1153M, 1171M, 1086M, 1142M, 1524M, 2165M, 2684M, 1046M, 1022M, 2209M, 762M, 885M, 2161M, 550M, 894M, 523M, 510M, 589M, 1234M, 560M, 631M, 555M, 822M, 954M, 1352M, 1123M, 1265M, 908M, 1170M, 2894M, 510M, 722M, 782M, 594M, 663M, 660M, 1161M, 848M, 6614M, 529M, 543M, 898M, 1821M, 558M, 687M, 1067M, 707M, 1858M, 1066M, 501M, 1327M, 525M, 519M, 513M, 2614M, 823M, 890M, 923M, 521M, 923M, 657M, 574M, 1672M, 1580M, 997M, 2447M, 2859M, 2171M, 985M, 604M, 2196M, 912M, 778M, 2305M, 606M, 2703M, 557M, 3158M, 1184M, 1340M, 528M, 511M, 2730M, 701M, 2018M, 719M, 608M, 1370M, 1325M, 638M, 704M, 1274M, 1184M, 2545M, 568M, 862M, 928M, 521M, 538M, 977M, 761M, 2144M, 2715M, 966M, 1894M, 536M, 1051M, 2160M, 696M, 2895M, 634M, 606M, 952M, 578M, 547M, 698M, 841M, 1123M, 567M, 534M, 1619M.

N3, the "biggest enemy of CFC" is once again #2 after doing 10% of the CFC damage. Anyway, let's not forget their big contributors and 500M+ kills: 71 - Northern Coalition.
49 - The Kadeshi
42 - Northern Associates.
30 - Nulli Secunda
18 - Gentlemen's.Club
2750M, 2969M, 702M, 530M, 1515M, 503M, 962M, 510M, 2242M, 580M, 897M, 629M, 610M, 628M, 1102M, 961M, 774M, 943M, 563M, 944M, 518M, 1174M, 511M, 519M, 1637M, 796M, 735M, 1292M, 1288M, 975M, 1103M, 1301M, 586M, 520M, 919M, 840M, 638M, 908M, 1372M, 707M, 1083M, 574M, 624M, 529M, 705M, 671M, 694M, 529M, 949M, 1036M, 1051M, 521M, 824M, 1002M, 768M, 927M.

RvB is still doing their thing, and CFC is still killing blues: 537M, 2345M, 1212M, 1838M, 2730M, 582M, 1129M, 527M, 1319M, 563M, 585M, 887M, 1432M, 1303M, 580M, 863M, 519M, 639M, 1189M, 516M, 524M, 500M, 726M, 626M, 544M, 572M, 1038M, 1101M, 585M, 624M, 518M, 531M, 671M, 505M, 834M, 2330M, 632M, 1662M, 1936M.

HERO (135B), PL block (97B), xxDeath (197B) and Proviblock (70B) are still causing little damage considering their sizes: 810M, 724M, 556M, 518M, 637M, 526M, 938M, 1787M, 1511M, 658M, 2635M, 584M, 823M, 561M, 764M, 555M, 563M, 856M, 865M, 931M, 1473M, 576M, 671M, 559M, 1080M, 543M, 969M, 796M, 1332M, 523M, 2517M, 743M, 1958M, 1564M, 623M, 1361M, 683M, 656M, 2230M, 552M, 2762M, 642M, 651M, 672M, 655M, 671M, 808M, 838M, 792M, 1227M, 728M, 1010M, 580M, 561M, 2413M, 543M, 786M, 505M, 1100M, 757M, 505M, 573M, 1050M, 1369M, 589M, 884M, 592M, 682M, 971M, 1300M, 1405M, 588M, 1501M, 3356M, 1677M, 1566M, 1954M, 1531M, 2206M, 1620M, 1502M, 1535M, 520M, 727M, 1086M, 1023M, 1148M, 1160M, 1095M, 1277M, 717M, 1635M, 1872M, 1444M, 1947M, 1021M, 506M, 509M, 688M, 1259M, 4987M, 662M, 627M, 1073M, 1314M, 1945M, 2828M, 1549M, 562M, 588M, 2340M, 1823M, 507M, 3067M, 748M, 1057M, 626M, 2559M, 646M, 2104M, 1123M, 516M, 817M, 590M, 514M, 713M, 736M, 516M.

Finally, let's see what everyone else did to the CFC and those who got above 10B:
61 - Project.Mayhem. Note: who are they? I've never heard of them, but I clearly should!
47 - Out of Sight.
38 - Verge of Collapse
35 - GaNg BaNg TeAm
31 - The Gorgon Empire
31 - Confederation of xXPIZZAXx
28 - Forsaken Asylum
28 - M.I.F
27 - Total Absolution
26 - #Corp: Raging Ducks
24 - Bora Alis
24 - senseless intentions
23 - Sleeper Social Club
23 - Snuffed Out
22 - Hard Knocks Citizens
18 - P I R A T
17 - The Marmite Collective
16 - #Corp: Lazerhawks
16 - #Corp: No Vacancies
14 - No Holes Barred
14 - Ministry of Inappropriate Footwork
13 - #Corp: Deadly Fingertips
13 - LowSechnaya Sholupen
12 - Brothers in Arms Alliance
12 - Dirt Nap Squad.
11 - Ixtab.
11 - Happy Cartel
10 - Systematic-Chaos
521M, 1171M, 2166M, 749M, 1007M, 705M, 1094M, 831M, 580M, 609M, 2382M, 1107M, 6521M, 1784M, 1898M, 677M, 1009M, 1017M, 548M, 593M, 555M, 547M, 552M, 543M, 543M, 550M, 543M, 542M, 545M, 558M, 547M, 550M, 627M, 626M, 827M, 990M, 511M, 511M, 771M, 1345M, 1214M, 853M, 526M, 526M, 545M, 522M, 671M, 676M, 554M, 1299M, 527M, 851M, 521M, 689M, 1466M, 717M, 766M, 552M, 858M, 600M, 517M, 1196M, 677M, 694M, 669M, 566M, 1357M, 555M, 800M, 2872M, 1068M, 999M, 631M, 1446M, 571M, 2925M, 961M, 884M, 766M, 760M, 671M, 1433M, 890M, 959M, 714M, 929M, 503M, 812M, 511M, 767M, 822M, 985M, 724M, 1666M, 534M, 2045M, 1909M, 633M, 519M, 532M, 567M, 503M, 1116M, 579M, 541M, 524M, 591M, 518M, 995M, 543M, 772M, 875M, 5581M, 2759M, 1000M, 2616M, 819M, 2513M, 1131M, 552M, 906M, 508M, 718M, 943M, 527M, 740M, 1626M, 791M, 870M, 1018M, 847M, 922M, 591M, 1342M, 1444M, 529M, 652M, 503M, 1133M, 562M, 998M, 1091M, 582M, 2341M, 754M, 1924M, 629M, 646M, 1608M, 1828M, 1756M, 1579M, 1117M, 526M, 543M, 573M, 705M, 566M, 938M, 621M, 813M, 834M, 3294M, 1876M, 607M, 1503M, 592M, 1153M, 1321M, 3998M, 2538M, 2310M, 2315M, 501M, 624M, 2542M, 1022M, 505M, 1106M, 1901M, 801M, 529M, 536M, 676M, 566M, 2676M, 3989M, 1639M, 772M, 520M, 2291M, 839M, 854M, 1036M, 522M, 1753M, 799M, 705M, 660M, 1379M, 825M, 860M, 1972M, 656M, 609M, 522M, 748M, 1647M, 1261M, 910M, 502M, 546M, 2054M, 1119M, 613M, 899M, 3060M, 1832M, 701M, 668M, 530M, 513M, 1976M, 579M, 588M, 764M, 1169M, 669M, 1170M, 7122M, 1372M, 557M, 1649M, 9361M, 538M, 1722M, 1773M, 608M, 976M, 1222M, 541M, 1210M, 782M, 4827M, 755M, 569M, 885M, 527M, 1663M, 716M, 1038M, 1240M, 3099M, 1014M, 1629M, 894M, 622M, 590M, 791M, 940M, 1883M, 1946M, 512M, 831M, 523M, 536M, 751M, 511M, 517M, 1513M, 538M, 2908M, 651M, 1796M, 879M, 517M, 1716M, 602M, 773M, 922M, 986M, 706M, 1686M, 1734M, 738M, 718M, 1061M, 1315M, 1061M, 1316M, 840M, 635M, 2201M, 901M, 945M, 2015M, 525M, 1939M, 1703M, 1809M, 3226M, 2906M, 1221M, 509M, 527M, 664M, 645M, 527M, 520M, 527M, 5612M, 537M, 1029M, 919M, 1446M, 518M, 887M, 549M, 523M, 608M, 671M, 739M, 510M, 809M, 1302M, 1467M, 796M, 964M, 519M, 819M, 522M, 599M, 1212M, 631M, 1780M, 516M, 560M, 749M, 835M, 813M, 1727M, 547M, 543M, 1005M, 660M, 691M, 636M, 587M, 2267M, 725M, 1239M, 3718M, 1107M, 1526M, 688M, 780M, 837M, 930M, 1036M, 1238M, 1037M, 675M, 577M, 1175M, 1551M, 2349M, 959M, 597M, 2337M, 770M, 3508M, 2524M, 757M, 656M, 831M, 1304M, 832M, 672M, 570M, 1011M, 657M, 553M, 1034M, 510M, 753M, 1192M, 532M, 512M, 651M, 1932M, 577M, 530M, 2032M, 1257M, 721M, 1536M, 935M, 849M, 1268M, 691M, 2434M, 557M, 681M, 723M, 600M, 535M, 600M, 718M, 1754M, 900M, 756M, 736M, 665M, 678M, 2001M, 735M, 526M, 1182M, 827M, 693M, 715M, 832M, 533M, 1004M, 533M, 1402M, 511M, 893M, 1412M, 1283M, 575M, 752M, 645M, 1150M, 1496M, 875M, 753M, 632M, 533M, 515M, 1693M, 556M, 639M, 620M, 872M, 760M, 2392M, 649M, 2625M, 526M, 611M, 700M, 1016M, 704M, 2936M, 990M, 1269M, 641M, 505M, 604M, 1653M, 525M, 1413M, 599M, 999M, 520M, 526M, 756M, 963M, 517M, 1139M, 739M, 539M, 539M, 821M, 640M, 2657M, 556M, 756M, 1517M, 625M, 1570M, 1745M, 547M, 696M, 1599M, 771M, 773M, 645M, 864M, 583M, 2601M, 611M, 512M, 745M, 670M, 589M, 7163M, 6869M, 524M, 771M, 552M, 777M, 1494M, 2950M, 529M, 666M, 924M.

Let's see the killer fleet sizes and lost ship costs. Both pies are ISK values. We can see that small gangs inflict huge damage to CFC:
Finally, let's see where they died:
396 - Highsec
250 - Lowsec
828 - Foreign Null
1484 - CFC space:
323 - Deklein
231 - ValeOfTheSilent
183 - Fountain
161 - Branch
142 - Fade
137 - Venal
102 - Tribute
96 - PureBlind
45 - Syndicate
32 - Tenal
24 - CloudRing
8 - OuterRing
They clearly do some offensive activities with record high losses in Foreign Nullsec, but they still mostly lose ships at home.

Monday, March 2, 2015

What highsec non-deccable corps are about?

Many "content creators" claim that everyone should "face the consequences of their actions" and shouldn't be except from "player interactions". The most surprising thing about them is that they don't rally against NPC corps and 1-man corps. Mostly because these already consequence and interaction-free corps are full of their alts who make ISK for them while they gank.

An ISK making alt has little reason to be in a group, as the main is already in a group. The player is cooperating with his main group, while the alt has no other purpose than farming and feeding the main. Those who want to be in a group while farming are highsec carebears: players whose only activity is (ineffective) ISK making and Raven leveling.

They have no effect on the EVE politics.
They have no influence.
They have no kills.
They have little ISK, since they are outcompeted by botters and multiboxers.
They are nothing! They are roleplaying a bum who sporadically do badly paying jobs.

I can't imagine why does someone pay money and spend time to roleplay an irrelevant nobody. But I've learned that social people can explain literally everything with "having fun". But it's not about them. It's about those who want to take even this nothing from the bums and force them to stay docked for a week.

This is where the ruthless capitalist and the sadistic psychopath separates: do you just ignore the unsuccessful ones and let them starve if they refuse to improve; or do you go out of your way to find them and smash their heads with a baseball bat because it's funny when they cry? The "highsec content creators" - or their fraction that survived the Erotica1 bans - clearly choose the second option, with now even targeting Ventures.

Deccing corps full of useless socials has nothing to do with competition and piracy: no one with enough brain to make serious ISK joins a "highsec industrial corp" or a "we do everything" corp. This is about pure sadism and should not be enabled. Those who want nothing but chatting with similar irrelevant losers should be left to do it. Maybe some of them realize how bad they are and start to improve if we give them some time. You can suicide gank anyone who flies bling anyway.

Before anyone would cry "space WoW", I'd repeat that these corps wouldn't be different from the NPC corps, except the chat wouldn't be spammed:
  • No POCO or POS
  • NPC corp tax collected for CONCORD
  • No tax can be collected for the corp
  • No alliance membership

PS: a cloaky Tengu works better with a ... cloak.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Weekend minipost: diplomatic shuttle

Just a quick one: don't ignore the diplomatic shuttle blueprint you get on all accounts! You can craft the shuttles on Jita 4-4 for minimal materials and cost and sell the 10-package for 30-40M.

I keep donating MoA and -EH-, despite Goons keep telling me that they only provide content. They mean ships explode and both sides have fun.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Weekend miniscam

Important note: Vote! Here is my recommendation list.

Being EVE-famous has it drawbacks: I'm spammed by scammers and idiots. Here is the latest:

It should be obvious that you are an idiot if you gamble. If you believe any word they say in their advertisements, you deserve to be poor.

PS: not CFC, but so dumb that must be publicized. Now this is CFC.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Who kills the bling of CFC?

A new kind of comment appeared, trying to protect the "Mercs have it harder than MoA" theory: that MoA kills expensive ratting ships, while highsec mercs must find and catch elusive small ships. Instead of random opinions, I gathered all the CFC loss data I have, 9 months from May 2014 to Jan 2015 (you can find their links on the GRR page) and analyzed them all for ship sizes. The losses were separated into 4 groups, the limits were selected to make the groups approximately equal. Below you can see the losses of various CFC alliances in different size groups:
As you can see, GSF and renters are more likely lose big ships, while RvB is mostly losing crap.

You could see how each group has about 1/4 of the total ISK losses. Of course it means very different number of ships:
Size class Number of ships lost
Below 90M crap 404.9K
90-260M ships 42.5K
0.26-1.2B ships 16.7K
1.2B+ whales 2.4K

Now let's see the killers:
As you can see, the truth is the very opposite: Marmite Collective killed mostly whales and MoA killed mostly middle sized ships. One more excuse down.

By the way it's funny to see NPC losses and several CFC alliances among the top CFC killers.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

How big is Mordus Angels?

Important: CSM election has started, go and vote! I updated my candidate list with last minute trolls candidates.

I keep getting the comment that it's unfair to compare Mordus Angels to Forsaken Asylum or other highsec mercs, since they have 1300 members while the highsec mercs have only 2-300. This is wrong for two reasons. The first is simple: nothing (but drama and egos) stop highsec mercs to grow bigger. EVE is a game of numbers, if your enemy/competitor shovels more bodies into ships, you can cry all day, but you still lost. I would love a highsec merc alliance that is created by merging all the big names and would gladly give them even the 15B/week blood money Tora demanded because that juggernaut could literally lock out CFC (including RvB) from highsec. Will it ever happen? No, because Merc1 hates Merc2 more than he loves kills and ISK. But if you choose to be small and choose to not share an alliance ticker with Joe-who-called-me-noob-in-2008, live with the consequences!

But there is a more interesting thing in the numbers. I grabbed the 2015 Jan, 2014 Dec, Nov and Oct downloaded CFC loss reports and checked for pilots and corporations within MoA. In these 4 months, MoA killed 638B CFC and this is de-whored number! I mean if a 100B Goon titan was killed by a Black Legion fleet with some MoA doing 1% of the damage, they get 1B damage booked, not 100! Please note that only the CFC kills are processed, so if a MoA pilot killed some random dude, it's not in the data.

Let's see the top MoA corporations and their kills in the last 4 months:
Dissident Aggressors: 127B
Nullbear Tear Extractors: 84B, note: left MoA on 2014-11-03
Tellurian Works: 32B
Los Primitivos: 28B, note: joined MoA on 2014-11-23
Blackwater USA Academy: 27B, note: joined MoA on 2014-10-20
Delta vane Corp.: 27B
Under Heavy Fire: 25B
PiU PiU oLoLo I am driver UFO: 21B
Foundation Cutting-Edge: 19B
shadow and cloaking: 13B
DAB: 13B, note: joined MoA on 2014-11-21
Zeura Brotherhood: 12B, note: joined MoA on 2014-11-06
20th Legion: 12B, note: joined MoA on 2014-10-24
Angels and Demons Inc.B: 12
These corps did 572B damage to CFC out of the 638.

I calculated the de-whored damage of the individual pilots and sorted them. Below you can see how the top 50, second 50 and so on pilots performed:
92% of the damage is done by the top 200 pilots. 540 pilots got on any CFC kill reports over the 4 months. So we can conclude that MoA isn't bigger than the highsec mercs, just doesn't clear inactives and low performers.

Finally, let's see the top 50 MoA pilots:
Komiser Kemal: 18.2B
Neok1337: 15.5B
Fragwit: 13.5B
Erebus SilentKill: 13.4B
Hemmo Paskiainen: 12.3B
Castiel Visage: 11.7B
Allucination: 10.7B
Gen Eve: 8.8B
Samael Curtis: 8.6B
159Pinky: 8.1B
xXCojakXx: 7.9B
Dekhard: 7.8B
Mark Yanning: 7.0B
Nodire Hermetz: 6.4B
Ixtisy: 6.4B
Elgwapo: 6.0B
Draykonus Promathine: 6.0B
Atreon Sek'Hyren: 5.9B
Nevil Kincade: 5.7B
Dave911: 5.6B
Maurice Bourdon: 5.5B
Sir Rexor: 5.4B
Asbendale Silverblade: 5.2B
Kinis Deren: 5.1B
lockghar: 4.9B
Fallen Berkser: 4.9B
Lupus Aurelius: 4.8B
Ransu Asanari: 4.8B
Ed Hubble: 4.7B
replicator 0001: 4.7B
Zieg Olexia: 4.4B
Onyx Mamba: 4.4B
replicator 0004: 4.2B
Tocan Netrow: 4.2B
DuCkie101: 4.0B
Undertovv: 4.0B
Delnar Katuivo: 4.0B
Percival79: 3.9B
Kauker: 3.8B
PiXEL UA: 3.7B
Caer Dallben: 3.7B
Gold Shark: 3.7B
replicator 0022: 3.5B
Hugo Stiglitz01: 3.4B
replicator 0019: 3.4B
replicator 0007: 3.4B
Corey Edward: 3.4B
xBRANEx: 3.3B
replicator 0067: 3.3B

PS: Look, another addition to the MoA scalp collection! And one more, without local rep or buffer!
Bombers bar killed 3 goon ratting carriers (1, 2, 3) and posted videos of it (1, 2, 3). Good job Bombers!

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